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Love and Brunch

Nuri went to brunch with Yasir before they had to work. She really needed to go ahead and tell him about the little life growing inside of her.

Nuri: Yasir, you know things have been going so well at the studio and your latest promotion came through right on time. I am just so happy to see us flourishing. We moved here for our careers and things are just taking off.

Yasir: You are right, babe. Remember I told you this would happen? Got out of our small-mind of a hometown and their backwards ways and look at all the changes. I know there is so much more for  us to discover.

Nuri: I sure hope so. Look, I need to tell you something. It’s very unexpected and we have not had like an in-depth talk about this, but the time is here now.

Yasir: What is it? Something happened?

Nuri: Youuu could say that. We said we aren’t letting go of each other and that this is it for us, so I am hoping you will feel that way about our baby.

Yasir: Baby? Baby? Baby! Come here woman.

He looked at her and could see just then that the differences that he had been loving on were from her body growing with love and creating life. Wow. Yasir was stunned. Life was good. Things were lining up better than he could have imagined.

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