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Special Delivery for Nuri + Yasir

These past nine months passed by quickly.  Nuri read as many childbirth and child care books as she could to prepare for this moment. She was so ready to meet her little one, but she was nervous at the same time. Her body had changed so much. The physical changes weren’t the end of it. The way she thought about life definitely changed. Everything was about the baby. Of course, Yasir was a priority, but the safe arrival of this one was at the top of her list.

Nuri wanted to wait before calling the midwife and doula. She wanted time to start her labor without distractions. At first she was not sure she was in labor. Her water had not broke the way she remembered on television or in the movies. At most she felt a trickle and she had convinced herself it was just her overfilled bladder causing the issue. Either way, she thought she could have a snack while waiting. Anything to stay calm.

Yasir was a different story. When he realized that his fiance was in labor, he started freaking out. He could not believe she was so calm right now.

Yasir! Calm down. I’m fine. I have already called everyone. We have time.

At least she thought she had time. Things started to progress as soon as she said those words. Her stomach tightened even more with each contraction. The pain was radiating from the top of her belly down into her bottom. She hated period cramps and this was a million times worse. It was like a vice grip had clamped her entire belly, moving back and forth, and the pain shot down into her womanly bits and through to her bottom.

Who puts themself through this?

Nuri asked herself.

Any woman deciding to become a mother, I guess. Oohhh! Please let this be over soon. I just want to hold my little man.

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