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Yasir Asks the Big Question

Yasir knew what he wanted. It’s her. He had been waiting for the right time and now seems perfect. He swiftly pulled out the ring box and asked Nuri if she would do him the honor of becoming his queen for life.

Nuri panicked. Yasir, wh- wh- why now? What are you doing? What are we doing?

Yasir was so confused. He could hear the fear of commitment in her voice. Nuri had to make this moment about everything else except that fact that they were meant to be.

I am asking if you will be mine for life. Soul mates. Partners. Lovers. Will you allow me to be yours? Accept my heart that is already filled with love for you.

Nuri knew Yasir was not letting this go. She just had to walk away.

The next week at their home would be full of weird silence and moments where conversations are only had out of necessity.

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