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Reshade Preset: Love Shade Vogue

Another follower gift!

This is my personal reshade preset that I have been using and tweaking for some time now. I wanted a film-inspired look that wouldn’t wash out my beautiful brown sims.

This preset was created with Reshade 4.1.0 (available here). Each of the shaders I use by default are turned on. Some shaders I only turn on when I am ready to use, and those have hot keys assigned. I do use this preset for my gameplay and don’t have any issues with it and my PC setup. Everyone may not be able to leave it on at all times. I tried to make it as lightweight as possible.


  • Additional shader:  qUINT_lightroom.fx – You can download this additional shader, if you don’t have it already.
  • Additional/optional LUT: Full Bloom Multi LUT by Picture Amoebae. Available here. You don’t need it as the settings I use don’t affect the colors a lot, but I notice a difference in different lighting situations. Here’s a preview.
  • To use DOF effects, you will have to disable Edge Smoothing in your graphics settings. Blur is mouse-controlled.
  • Works in performance mode.
  • Suggestion: Play around with the shaders that have hot keys assigned. Applying different ones will help you achieve different looks.


  • Please don’t re upload or claim as your own!
  • Please don’t put behind any type of pay wall!
  • Feel free to tag me if you use my preset, I would love to see!
  • There’s a text file in the download with extra info about how I use the preset.


PREVIEWS BELOW ↓ || Check this Flickr album for more previews.

** No editing was done to the preview photos other than sharpening for the web.

I hope you all enjoy this preset! Let me know if you have any issues. I will help as much as I can. Happy simming!!

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