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Sim Download:: Follower Gift: Adonis and Belen Kekoa

A little while ago I realized I had over 1,000 followers on my simblr. No idea how, when, or even why but thank you all for coming to check out my little space. I wanted to share something to show my love and appreciation for each one of you. I enjoy spending my free time playing TS4 and I enjoy coming to check out the happenings in this community just as much.

These two fellas I am sharing today are the twin baby boys of Apple and Enele.  That family is pretty special to me, but I have been struggling to make it through this generation because it’s so many of them to keep up with. With that said, have fun with my two boys..give them a good life. They are teens. All I ask is you keep their ethnicity the same (they are Black) and don’t have them getting in too much trouble (lol!).


Let me know if any issues and…..Happy Simming!!



  • Hair
  • Eyebrows
  • Facial Hair – Benicio V2
  • Skin Details 1 / 2 (Wild Things Skinblend) / 3 / 4  (pupil overlay)
  • Eyes (default – Sweet Sight by SimsTrouble/MagnaSimblr)
  • Skintone




DOWNLOAD (SFS) | Gallery ID: HazelMineSims

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