A Beautiful Snowy Night

They were having dinner after getting home from work when Wes felt like it was the right time.

“Kehlani Anise Kekoa, I have thought about this for the past two years. I have done my best to straighten up, get my life together, and be the man you need me to be. I know it wasn’t easy trusting someone like me.”

“You are right, but you earned it. Surprised me since all my friends thought otherwise,” Kehlani added.

“Well, there is only one person’s opinion that matters. Yours. We have made this place our home. I have fallen in love with you. You have accepted and loved me along with my flaws. I am willing to do whatever you want for the rest of our days, as long as we are together. Will you do me the honor of being my wife, my much better half?”

Kehlani was shocked. She didn’t expect this. The past couple of weeks had been stressful for the entire family. This news was good news though. Her heart felt happy. She was afraid of what else this means, but she definitely needed to give him an answer.

“Are you going to answer or keep those thoughts in that pretty head of yours?” Wes was getting nervous. It isn’t often that ‘Lani is at a loss for words.

“Wesley Hammonds, III, I would be elated to be yours. Yes!”


As he got down on one knee to put the ring on her finger, she saw that it was even more beautiful out of that box and against their skin. She loved him. Even though everyone doubted their relationship and said it was going too fast and she was crazy for dating the brother of an ex, she was so glad she followed her own heart.

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