And the Party Goes On.

Kehlani and Kofi are still chatting in the living room when a soulful voice starts to play through the speakers.

Oh wow. This is a classic. We have to dance, Kofi said as he took Kehlani’s hand and guided her his way. She was surprised but even more surprising, she didn’t step away.

What do you know about this song? Kehlani asked Kofi as they swayed together, in sync with one another’s movements like they’ve done this before.

Woman, I know more than you think. Do you need me to teach you?

Just as she was about to answer Ximena came barging in the room. The dancing stopped and Kehlani remembered they were not alone. There’s a whole party in her house.

*AHEM* Did the party move this way? Cause… I didn’t get the memo. Kehlani knew that tone from Ximena. Her best friend came in to stop any more of what was going on in that room. Wes is still waiting on that silverware you went to find.

Ohhh yeah. Kofi and I started talking about work, then music, and it just all led from one thing to another.

Yeahh…that’s how it always starts. Ximena retorted as she headed back to the kitchen.

Kehlani and Kofi didn’t know what to say.

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