Family Breakfast

Apple sat down to taste the breakfast Wesley had made for the family. It’s okay, I guess. Who even told him he can just move my baby in? I need to talk to her.


Heading directly to Kehlani, Apple grabbed her plate and was on a mission. “Lani, what is going on? And..umm..isn’t this the outfit I saw on your social media post yesterday? You don’t  have any clothes here?”


Kehlani closed her eyes briefly. “Yes, Ma, I have clothes. I actually washed this outfit and decided to put it back on until we were ready to go out.”


“Oh okay. Well, I hope you not moving in with this boy. Are y’all getting married or something? Pregnant? Better not be. Your daddy will try to be understanding but I will pop that little boy right u….”


Kehlani cut her off. “Mamaaaaa. Calm down. None of that. We’re young. We’re in love. We’re trying to just enjoy our lives the way we want.”

“Girl, what? Do we need to have a come to Jesus talk? Cause you sounding crazy right now. Enjoy your life? You can. In your dorm and he at his own place. Simple. And why do you have some of Grandma Agnes’ furniture and decorations?”

“Well, she gave it to me when I went to see her. The plaid sofa was in our dorm common room until we brought it here. The rest was in boxes in storage until I was deciding if I wanted to stay in the dorm or apartment this year.” Kehlani was doing her best to ease Apple’s fears. She knew that her mama didn’t want her growing up too soon. They had plenty of talks about that.

“Hmm! She sholl didn’t tell me about no furniture and decorations she gave you.”

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