Just Say Goodbye.

The party was over and the last of the clean up was just about finished. Wes finished up the kitchen while Kehlani walked out the last of the guests. She found Kofi in the bathroom…and he pulled her in.

Wha-what’s up? She asked, sounding a little nervous with Wesley not too far away.

I had a real good time today. Getting to know you and your friends. This is the first time we have talked so much.

She laughed, not sure if was the drinks or she just felt comfortable with his warm hands around her. I know. It wasn’t about work either. I am a lot more comfortable in my own space and when I am not under pressure.

Well, that’s good to know. Maybe we can hang out some more when there’s not so much going on… parties … friends…. fiances… and all.

Wow. He said that. Hmm…we will see. Let’s get out of here and get you on your way home.

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