Kehlani + Nova : Get to Know You

Kehlani headed out to the hallway to respond to her texts and check some notifications. Nova follower a minute or so later.

Nova: Lani… hey… why you leave so fast? Got to check that phone again? He must be real important.

Kehlani: Not really. Who says it’s a he? Could be anyone.

Nova: Hmm..okay. Look, our moms are friends and I thought it would be fun to hangout some time before school starts back. I am going to college nearby but this summer I have a trip planned with a few friends. You should go with us for a few days.

Kehlani: I’d have to check with my parents first. Do I know these friends? Are the from the neighborhood?

Nova: They are from ‘round her. Not sure if you know them. They don’t matter. It only matters if you come and have some fun with us.

Kehlani: Hmm..okay. We’ll see. I don’t know.

Nova: I will text you the info tonight. Our parents can talk about. I am the responsible triplet. They won’t have any worries. See you later babe.

That was the longest conversation Nova has ever tried to have with her. Kehlani felt her face getting warm as Nova walked past her and brushed against her.

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