Big News for Apple

Later in the evening, Apple got to thinking about how tired she was and how sick she felt on the honeymoon. She had barely done anything. The vet after-hours clinic was being ran by a good friend. So, no work to be done there. She made dinner and lounged around the house. She helped Kehlani with some homework and gave the dogs baths. But goodness, she was so flipping tired lately. It was the kind of fatigue that you cannot shake with a nap or a cup coffee. She could barely eat breakfast because of feeling nauseous.

She tried 3 of them. They said the same thing. She has her answer. Now to tell El.

What will he say? How will he feel? How will Kehlani feel? How will the dogs handle the baby? Oh my goodness. A baby. What will I feel? How do I feel? What am I going to need for the baby? Where will the baby sleep? Will I try to breast feed or use formula? Can I bring the baby to the vet clinic when I have to work? Ohhh.. this is overwhelming. Okay. Breathe. I’m breathing. Yup. I can feel my breath on my hand and I feel the changes coming already.

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