Let’s Talk.

Kehlani went to find some extra silverware she had stashed away and ran into Kofi.

Kofi:  Woman. Where are you headed?

Kehlani:  Minding my own business. Why are you in here by yourself?

Kofi:     Well, if you must know. My boss just assigned me as the project manager over the Fashion Haus project you’re designing.

Oh great. I get to dream of him and see him more often at work.

Kehlani:  Seriously? Stop playing. I just started re-working my sketches and we have meetings set up all day tomorrow. I have to look at you all day tomorrow and part of today?

And I will be looking. He is like some kind of chocolate, caramel, scrumptious god…just..oohh!

Kofi:   Yes, you will have to deal with me. It’s all right though. I’ll let you have this any way you want … as long as it is in budget and on schedule. We want to show the new line before Fall.

Umm hmm. That was the only sound that could manage to escape from Kehlani’s mouth. She was staring at him and daydreaming hard.

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