People were starting to arrive for the party, but the first to come through the door was Kofi.

Kofi:     Ehh…Kehlani?

She felt a warmth rush through her as she realized who was standing behind her. Act normal, girl. Act normal. Wesley is barely a foot away. You don’t even know this dude. He is just a colleague.

Ximena was amused by Kehlani’s surprise. She knew her friend had a thing for this guy. It’s no secret Lani and Wes have been in this long engagement and dates keep getting pushed back. Everyone seems to be talking about it, except Kehlani and Wes.

Kehlani:     Hey Kofi. That’s right. Sound nonchalant. Glad you could make it! We have some food almost done but the drinks are ready. Have a taste of whatever you like.

She walked away so fast that she didn’t even hear if he responded.

Everyone was eating good and dancing wherever they could. Even the caterer joined in for a bit. The whole time she was dancing, Kehlani could feel Kofi’s eyes on her.

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