Next Day – Dinner Meeting


Kehlani arrived at the address Kofi gave her and it was to a house. I can’t believe him. Ugh!

She knocked and the door opened right away.

Kofi:   I was waiting for you, beautiful. Sorry about the change in plans. I was running late and would not make it to the restaurant.

She wasn’t sure if she should believe him. He should be glad he is so fine and the best person she has collabed with to date



Kehlani: Look, I don’t know what kind of games you’re trying to play on me, but we can’t. We cannot discuss work at your house.

With a light chuckle, Kofi looked at her and realized how serious she was. Her smooth and almost angelic face was riddled with signs of anger and disappointment. He really did not think it would be a big deal. They are both adults and this is just work.

Kofi:   Why not? It’s not good enough? I cleaned up this morning before I left for work. I even bought groceries this evening.

Here we go again.

Kehlani:   Is there something about me that seems gullible or like I will just go with whatever you say?

Kofi:   Not at all. I believe you won’t ever engage in anything you don’t want to. Like after the party. We could have had a moment and you shut it down.

He’s right. I did walk away. Let’s hope the same is true for today. I can tell this is going to be a challenge already. His cologne is speaking to me right now. It smells like the ocean whispered on fresh flowers and it covered him.


Kehlani was excited about their idea of taking over walkways in high traffic areas. There would be pop-up fashion shows and hopefully, that’d translate to more exposure for the magazine. Kofi listened intently as she described what it would look like. He wanted to make this happen, for the company and for her.

They wrapped up their meeting and Kehlani felt good being able to get through the to-do list. By the end, she was starving. She asked Kofi to show her the kitchen and without a word, she started making a meal. She felt energized.

They shared stories about their families over dinner. Kehlani learned Kofi is very close to his mother. She is his “queen” as he proudly called her. It was nice to see this side of him.

As the evening went on, Kehlani got more comfortable and lost track of time. No calls or texts from Wesley. It was like he didn’t even notice her not being home past dinner time. Oh well.

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