Sad News Spreads

Apple was at home with the kids while Enele was working when the most unfortunate events happened. She had no idea what was going on. Her brother Dorian was also not the best at communication, so hopefully he would tell her before she heard it from a nosy neighbor.

Dorian invited Apple over without telling her a thing. It was early and Maple didn’t have school, so she thought it would be nice to bring her for breakfast with everyone. After making her coffee, Apple sat down to check some e-mails as she waited on Dorian.

After he was done talking to Maple about her old room, he went to tell Apple where their parents really were. The words came out of his mouth so slowly, or at least that is how Apple heard them. She just could not believe it.

The wave of emotions that went over her almost silenced her breathing, her thinking, her world. She had just talked to her mama. How do you exist in a world without the people who raised you? Her center… her foundation…was crumbling. Dorian thought he had grieved enough in private, but when his friend Lucca came over, more tears fell. They didn’t even get a chance to talk about a memorial. Apple and Maple left immediately. Apple said she just could not bear being in the house where they last were.

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