The Arrival

Reign was frustrated. Even though she was the youngest, she was also the most rationale. Her her brother Nikolas were preparing the compound for all of their siblings. Ethan would be the first to arrive. Reign couldn’t wait to see her eldest brother. He was definitely her favorite, but she wouldn’t dare reveal that to any of her siblings.

Nikolas: Brother, we have been expecting you.

It had been hundreds of years since the Larrieux siblings have been together. After many arguments and fights and now many enemies on the hunt for them, it was time for them to come together again. They were turned into vampires at no choice of their own. Now, their only goal was survival and to enjoy as many of their days as possible. Sometimes though, it was not so easy. None of them saw things the same way all of the time. And there were times when they had to push aside their feelings to fight a common enemy.

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