A couple of days later…

Ryan stopped by to see Kehlani one evening.  He needed to see her, especially after missing her birthday. They had been talking about it for weeks and he was not able to be there to celebrate with her.

Kehlani: Heyy, you could have just called. I know it’s been windy and snowing pretty heavy for the past couple of hours. And I’ve got to get Maple cleaned up before my parents get home from work.

Ryan: I know, but I wanted to see your face and apologize for missing your birthday.

Kehlani: It’s just another day. No biggie. My parents gave me a party with some friends and my grandparents all came. It was fun. You should have seen my grandpa Earl. He was really trying to dance and show me how they used to cut up back in the day, as he said.

Her voice was light and happy. Kehlani didn’t seem angry or annoyed with Ryan. He wasn’t sure if he should push the issue, but he had to try.

Ryan: Still, I want to make it up to you. My parents surprised me along with some other kids I grew up with in my neighborhood with a trip for my birthday. I thought I was going to a dinner and we ended up getting on a plane. I am so sorry I missed your day. Can I take you out this weekend? I still have your present.

Kehlani: Ryan, I’m good. I had a great party with those I love and who love me. You don’t ever have to worry about missing my birthday. And it’s Halloween this weekend. We’re having a party here and taking my brother and sister trick-or-treating.

He felt defeated. Lani just dismissed him, like old news. Ryan gave her a hug and headed out. Maybe he would text her later to see if they could hang out later this week.

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