A Few Days Later

at Ryan’s Place

It has been a few days since Kehlani had seen Wes. He and his brother went to see their grandparents for a few days to handle some things with the family. He called as soon as he got home and she went right over.

“Wes! I have missed that face.” He half-smiled. He didn’t want to give away that was just as excited as her. Over the week, Wesley realized that he needed to do right by Lani. If he loves her and wants this to keep progressing, he has to do right. “I know you have, girl. Come give me some love and maybe a hug, too.” Kehlani walked in closer to hug him. She missed his smell, his voice, and how it felt to be embraced by him.

“So, are you ready to get back to real life? You know I moved to the dorm while you were gone?

His ears perked up like antennas. “Oh, for real?” His mind was immediately racing with thoughts and possibilities. “I know your folks, especially your mama, had you taking pictures. Show me.” Pulling out her phone and wishing he was not exactly right, she showed him the hundreds of photos that Apple made her take. “You know… this does not mean you get to pop up on me whenever you want. I might be more busy now that I am a college girl.”

Wesley laughed. “Mannn stop! You’re playing with me. I know you’ll make time when Daddy calls.” All Kehlani could do was laugh. Maybe I’ll make time, maybe I won’t.

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