Apple has been feeling self-conscious about gaining a few pounds. She is trying to make more time to work out with her health nut of a husband. Some days it’s hard. She is tired and after getting off from work, she has to feed, bathe, and spend time with the kids. It’s a lot.

Enele caught her checking herself out in the mirror.

Enele: Babe, what’s this? Where you get this from? Your new dude?

Apple: Ha ha. I don’t have the energy for anyone else. This is for me.

Enele: You? Do we need to have a talk? I feel left out.

Apple: No. No. I just wanted to try on some things I bought and never wore. I just don’t feel like I used to. Everything on me is…. well… a little bigger than before we got together.

Enele: And I love you and your beautiful body just the same. I do have one question though.

Apple: No.

Enele: You don’t even know what it was I was going to ask.

Apple: I am sure it’s still a no.

Enele laughed and said to his wife, “All I wanted to know is how you always smell like shea butter and vanilla.

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