Apple just finished cleaning the kitchen when Kehlani walked in. Her face looked like it had questions.

Kehlani: Mom, I wanted to ask you about tomorrow. We’ve got all the prep done for Christmas with a couple days before it gets here. Do you mind if I invite a friend over tomorrow?

Apple: Friend? Male or female?

Kehlani, talking slowly and eyeing her mom’s expressions: Male.

Apple: You’re 18, hon. As long as we know before he comes over and you two are not cooped up in your room, it’s fine with me. And he must be new because you haven’t asked if Ryan could come over in a while.

Kehlani: Right. I am done with him. He’s like a kid..a little brother. I met this guy at the college tour last week.

Apple: Hmm.. okay. I will make some extra food, in case.

Kehlani: Sounds good! We are actually going to be doing some online competitive games in the basement. We’ve been playing together for awhile. Our meeting at the college was like.. fate.

Kehlani had a dreamy tone in her voice. She must really like this guy.

Apple: I hear you. Just be careful. As you get older, these boys are growing up and with that comes a host of new issues to deal with. I’ll keep Maple and Asher out of your hair as much as I can.

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