Asher was having a great Winterfest, especially dancing and being silly with his big sister. Apple called over Kehlani to give her a special gift just from her.

Apple: Lani, I don’t want you to, but I know you’ll be moving and going to college soon. What I do want is for you to document and appreciate your journey ahead of you. Even if you’re not sure of every single decision, know that it will shape who you will become and your father and I have your back. You know I will do whatever for my babies and then includes popping someone in the forehead.

Kehlani, laughing: Thank you mama! I know for sure you’ll be there when I need you. You didn’t have to get me a gift. What is it? Money? A car key? Diamonds?

Apple: Girl, open that box. It’s none of the above. Sorry, not sorry!

Kehlani opened her gift and saw a brand new camera. She had been wanting a pro camera for some time now.

Kehlani: Ooohh thank you!!! I cannot wait to start my foodie blog and maybe even some fashion posts…oohh!!!

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