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In the Spotlight

Enele: Come on to bed, woman. I cleaned the kitchen, took out the trash, and now I just want to get some sleep with you. I have a long day tomorrow.

Apple: I know. I’m coming. I just need to get up the toys, put up Asher’s project, turn on the porch light, check the bathrooms, make sure the dogs have water, make sure the kids are falling asleep, see if Maple needs a clean pull-up….

Enele, listening to her laundry list of things to do before bed and cutting her off: Women! Do any of you ever say you’re going to bed and actually go to bed? You don’t need to solve the world’s problems before you get some rest.

Apple giggled. He’s right. She never just goes to bed. There’s always so much to do before she can lay down. It’s hard to sleep and have your brain running that list over and over again.

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