Enele was feeling down after the loss of Lotta. She was a wonderful addition to their family when they got married. He never expected to bond with her like he did with Koia. Apple wanted to cheer him up and take him to his favorite place-near the water.

Not only that, but she had a question for him.

“Soon Kehlani will be going off to college. How would you feel about bringing another life into this world? into our family?” Apple asked making sure to enunciate each word and give him time to process what she was thinking.

“Babe, you know I’m always ready. We have wonderful children because of the wonderful mothering you have bestowed upon them. And… and… I know we have room in our hearts.”

Apple was so happy he was on board.The veterinary clinic has been running itself and bringing in enough money that they didn’t need to be tied down to any other jobs. Life was good.

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