Everyone was sitting down to eat and Kehlani’s uncle Dorian came over. “Hey, I hope it’s okay that I invited over my buddy.” She knew what that meant. Some random chic he met while clubbing was going to show up looking a hot mess and probably won’t fit in. “Okay, Dorian. Who is she?” He laughed. “No she this time. He is literally just a friend.  I think your dad is letting him in now.” Kehlani heard a voice she recognized. It was Kelli. “Heyy….small world.” He flashed his perfect smile. “It is. Please tell me you invited that gorgeous friend of yours. Otherwise, this is going to be borriinngg.” Dorian was intrigued. He doesn’t remember any hot friend of Lani’s. “Of course my bestie is coming. I did not know you two are on speaking terms. I thought it was a one time date kind of thing.” Kelli eagerly answered, “Nahhh. I want to make her mine.” Kehlani didn’t say a word. She just hope he knows what he is saying. There’s another side to Ximena that he has no idea about.

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