Kehalni’s friends had all headed home, but she wasn’t ready to leave the cafe. She played a few songs on the jukebox and was interrupted by the cutest random guy. She was definitely not interested in what he had to say.

He left and in walked Wes smiling, as if he had put the guy up to the whole thing.

Kehlani: Wait. What are you doing here? Following me?

Wes: Never. I’m not thirsty. I came here to pick up an order for a neighbor.

Kehlani: Neighbor, huh? Um hmm. I bet you did. I’m leaving anyway. I need to get home.

Wes: Wait. Give me those lips before you go.

She was trying to keep her distance, but she gave in to the kiss.

Wes: Why don’t you come workout with me tomorrow? After work, I plan on going to the gym. We could get a meal afterwards.

Kehlani: I might can do that. Send me a text with the address. I don’t want you coming to my house. I’ll meet you.

Wes: Dang! Cold shoulder for real! Who hurt you, girl?

Kehlani: Let’s not worry about that. Just got to be careful with what I allow you to do.

Wes laughed at her choice of words.

Wes: All right, queen. I will see you tomorrow.

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