Kehlani decided she needed to talk to her girls about Wes. She knows she could talk to Apple, but there’s the risk that she would tell Enele. That was not an option. Kehlani knew her dad would take Wes down to the fishing dock for a talk and she wasn’t ready for him to be that scared…yet.

Kehlani: Ximena, thanks for coming here with me. I know how you hate leaving the house in the rain.

Ximena: Babyyyy…you have no idea. Girl, I was so warm and cozy at home in my sweats. I just had a feeling you needed my honest opinion about something like now and not later.

Kelani, [sighing]: You’re right, girl. I know you will always tell me the truth. Taryn should be here soon.

Ximena: She better hurry up. It’s cold out here. I’m too cute for this!

Kehlani: Hmm…I think that’s her coming up now.

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