Movie Night with Wes.

Kehlani and Wes decided to stay in for a movie night. She really wanted to talk to him about some things his friend Kelli mentioned to Ximena. I am sure Kelli had to know that her best friend would always keep her interests at heart when things don’t sound right.

Wes: Ready for this movie? I picked some food up before you got here.

Kehlani: Yup and definitely for the food. But…. can we talk first?

W: What’s up? Who did what to you?

K: No one did anything, I hope. You know Kelli and Ximena are dating, right?

W: Oh…dating? I thought they were just –

K: Umm, no! My friend ain’t like that. Anyway… he told her about some girls you mentioned going out with …recently. Like you shared some photos with the guys. Did this happen after we decided to try this? Or is this old? I know we all have a past. I just need you to be real with me.

W: Honestly, some of –

K: Ughh…are you serious?

W: Let me finish. Some of those pics were from when you and I first started talking. I was… trying to find out who I liked… what I wanted. When I met you, you seemed so closed off. It was like you were only going to let me get so close in getting to know you.

K: Look… I can’t do this if you are still trying to find what you want. If it’s not me, I’m good. I’m a big girl. It’ll hurt to let this go and forget about you.. but I will do what I gotta do.

W: Noo.. nooo.. Slow down. I haven’t talked to any of them since we decided to be together. All of those photos, phone numbers.. deleted. When I was at my grandparents the last week, I had time to think and I realized what I want and need in my life. Because of you, I have got back into my online courses. Decided I need to find a real job. I don’t want to be like my parents. Our family lived a lie most of my childhood and my brother and I are paying for it.

K: Where are your parents? What’s going on? [Let me slow down.] Okay..okay…I believe you about the girls. If I see anything otherwise, I will be gone. No questions. I care about you. I want you to be okay. I also need you to just let me know if you feeling something or someone else. And if something is bothering you, talk to me. Isn’t that what we should be able to do with one another?

W: You’re right. Right.

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