Over at the Hammonds Residence   

Ryan was still a bit perturbed with his big brother. How could he date his ex? He really wanted to throw hands, but he didn’t know why. It’s not like he was only dating Kehlani when he was with her.

Wes: Something on your mind, little man?

Ryan: Little what? Mannnn… I am so f*n annoyed with this whole situation right now.

Wes: What situation? That I got your woman? That I had those soft lips all over me? She’s a great kisser, by the way.

Ryan: Are you serious? How can you be my brother?

Wes: It’s not like I had a choice in who put forth our DNA. I did, however, have a choice when I saw your girl at that college night.

Ryan: I hope she finds out you’re more of a scumbag than I could ever be to her.

Wes: I doubt that, my dude. I have my ways. Something you have yet to learn is how to use your words to get exactly what you want.

Ryan was too pissed to finish the conversation. It’s out of his hands now.

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