Wesley had noticed Kehlani had put a halt on plans for the wedding. Things were good at home, so he was confused. They hadn’t been arguing. Their both doing well in their careers. The family as a whole is in good standing with one another. He wasn’t sure what was the hold up. Wes decided to see if she wanted to host a party to announce the engagement to their friends.

Kehlani was all for it and here they were.

Ximena arrived early. She had to talk to Kehlani about the guy from her little bachlorette shindig at the lounge. Ximena hired him just for fun, but turns out.. . he had already met Lani through his work with Smogue, Inc.

Ximena:     You going to be okay? Kofi was out with Kelli and some other dudes and mentioned your party.

Kehlani:     Oh great. You know he followed me on Simstagram after that night at the lounge?

Ximena:     Oohh…girl..he like you like you. No wonder he enjoyed doing that little dance for you.

Kehlani laughed nervously as she saw Wes approaching. She planned to get plenty of drinks in her system to get through this night.

Wesley:     Welcome to our humble abode, beautiful friend.

Ximena:     Hey Wes! You ready to announce your love for this woman to the world ..or at least our friends?

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