Ryan left and these two were alone again.

Wes: Lani, I don’t want you to feel bad or anything about the stuff with Ryan. He will be okay in time and I trust you.

Kehlani: That makes me feel a little better. You know, he was my first boyfriend. I avoided boyfriends all through high school, except him. I’m starting college in a few months, so I just want to make sure I am making smart decisions.

Wes: I understand that. I actually broke up with my high school girlfriend when I had to move here for school. My intentions were not to hurt her, but I knew it would. I also knew we would outgrow each other. I’d rather be up front. With you, I just want to protect you, get to know you even more, and treat you how you deserve.

Kehlani was not sure how to respond. Wes was just supposed to be a gaming buddy. Now they’ll be going to the same school soon and it looks like they may actually be in a relationship.

Kehlani: Wes, let’s just take our time. Go with the flow. I have spent a lot of time thinking these last couple of weeks. I want something real with someone who I can be myself with.

Wes: I can definitely get with that.

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