The movie was almost over and Kehlani had never seen a more gruesome and intriguing movie. This was way better than that zombie tv show she watches every week.

Just as the credits were rolling, she heard footsteps and the front door open. It was Ryan.

Wes: Oh hey! I think my brother is back. He came home to pick something up before leaving out again.

Ryan could smell her perfume. He heard her voice. He knew it was Kehlani before he got in the door. All he wanted to do was sneak into his room, so he could run back to his friend’s house.

Wes: Ryan! Are you hiding dude? What’s up with that?

Kehlani was so nervous about what he’d say. She decided that she would let Wesley know tonight about their past.

Ryan: Naw, mannn.  I’m wiping off my shoes. I came to pick up my game controller and head back to my buddy’s house.

As Ryan walked in, he went straight for the kitchen for a glass of water.

Ryan: You know.. Kehlani is the girl that broke my heart just a few weeks ago.

He said it in such a matter-of-fact tone to make it seem like it was no big deal. Kehlani immediately felt more nervous.

Kehlani: Wes, I had no idea you two were related, let alone brothers. We should probably talk about this.

Wes: Nothing to talk about, my queen. Ryan told me all about you and I did not forget. I’m cool with it as long as you two are okay. Ryan is already talking to…

Cutting off his brother…

Ryan: Yeah..yeah..I’m good. You two enjoy this while it last.

Ryan could look neither of them in the face as he said it. He was hurt. How could she just break up with him and cut of all communication and now be talking to his brother?

Kehlani: The past is the past and I see a brighter future ahead. Wes, you have nothing to worry about.

Wes looked at his brother. He could tell he was hurt. At the same time, he could not let go of Kehlani just yet. She’s a good person and has been a good friend. Wes wants more.

Wes: I’m not worried at all. I’m older and definitely a sexier man than little Ry Ry could ever be.

Ryan tried to act like he couldn’t hear that part. He just stared at his cup before making an excuse to leave the house again.

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