Wes: So tell me something. Are you going to be my official girlfriend?

Kehlani: Hmm… Maybe. Can you do push-ups with me your back?

Wes: Oh, that’s in the bag.

Kehlani: Okay..okay…you can handle that. But can you handle being honest with me and dating only me?

Wes hesitated and looked her in her eyes. He wanted to see what he saw the first time they met.

Wes: I can handle both of those. I do want to ask you something.

K: I’m listening.

W: Are you able to deal with the fallout of dating me after you dated my brother? He told me stories. There is a lot of history there.

K: When we met, I didn’t realize that you were his brother. I had never met you. He never even said your name. Then all the time we spent online playing the game together, I tried to throw hints so you’d tell me your name. Didn’t work at all. I am fine with our situation as long as you’re honest. I have wanted to meet and know who you were for a while now.

W, laughing briefly: You know..I have know idea why I didn’t try to get to know you more then.

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