Wes went to check on something after letting Kehlani in the door. She looked worried when he came back.

Wes: My beautiful cocoa queen, give me a hug. I did not greet you properly at all.

Kehlani giggled and leaned in for the hug.

Kehlani: It’s okay. I know you had something to handle. It was something, right? Not someone?

Wes laughed. He could hear she was nervous and wanted to immediately get rid of that feeling.

Wes: I thought I told you I live with my brother. After our parents went away, I have been holding us down. We are both 18 now, so it should be a lot easier. I just didn’t want him interrupting our movie date.

Brother? Oh shit. I bet it’s Ryan. Parents went away? Where did they go? Not even sure if I should ask right now. I have known him for a few weeks now, but it still might be early to get so deep.

Kehlani: Oohhh okay.

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