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Hazel here! My sims addiction started back when I was in high school, about 20 years ago.

My sims gameplay mostly centers around two of my long-lived families, my sim-self, and a few scenarios. I have a lot of custom content and mods and couldn't play without them.

Current Gameplay

Pretty Pretty | Reshade Preset

A bright, vibrant reshade preset created for The Sims 4. I started working on this about a month ago when I was looking for preset that could work in multiple lighting situations. It is just what I have been wanting and hope you all will enjoy it too!


The Details

Preset created with Reshade 4.9 | Compatible with Reshade 4.xx

To install the preset, place the .ini file into your presets folder located here ::   C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4\Game\Bin

Once installed and you have your game open, you will notice in the Reshade UI that I have key bindings for each shader used already selected. You may change them to whatever works for you.


How I Use Pretty Pretty

First thing to note, when you first turn on the preset, it will look blurry because DOF is enabled. Go ahead and press the “/” key in the numpad section of your keyboard.

The “/” key enables Curves, qUINT DOF, and the Prod80 Filmic Tonemap. I turn this on only when I am taking screenshots.

The “Numpad 6” key will enabled qUINT Bloom and LiftGammaGain, which lightens the image. You can turn this off if you like deeper colors or it is too bright.

There are other shaders that I grouped together to use the same key to enable/disable. I encourage you to go through turning them on and off how I have them, so that you can see the effect they give.


Additional shaders used :

**These are not required for the preset to work, but it will change the resulting effect if these are not installed.

  • qUINT Bloom, qUINT DOF, qUINT Lightroom :: GitHub Repository
  • PD80 Base Effects, PD80 02 Bonus LUT Pack | PD80 03 Filmic Adaptation :: GitHub Repository
    • For the LUT pack, you will need to also install the included texture (“pd80_example-lut.png” ) from PD80’s texture folder. For the shaders, just grab the two shaders from the downloaded set and copy to your shader folder.
Additional resources:

To help with installation, see Mellindi’s Reshade installation tutorial.

To get rid of blurry textures in-game, see Little Dica’s tutorial.


For more images with this preset, I made a post here and any of my screenshots since April on my blog are using it also.

As always, if you have any issues with this preset, please let me know by sending a message here or on my Tumblr and I will help.



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