Family Pop-Up

Kehlani was surprised when Apple called to say she was at her dorm and waiting to take her to breakfast. Instead of blowing off their breakfast that Saturday, she went ahead and told Apple where she was. That mean giving her the address. There was no way she could stop her mama from coming to see this place, especially since she was not informed ahead of time.


Enele was so embarrassed for his baby girl. “Lani, you know this was not my idea. I am sorry if we are moving back into the helicopter parenting routine.”


“Daddy, it’s fine. I know we usually have breakfast the first Saturday and I just forgot this time. And.. I knew Apple would whip out GPS trackers and search dogs if I didn’t tell her where I was.”


“You right, baby. You know you right. She had me driving and driving. The twins are with her mom and we really were just taking Asher and Maple to see you and for some school shopping.”


She knew her dad had worked on giving her space. She was actually glad to see them.

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