Mixed Frustration

Apple and Enele’s House

Still processing this overwhelming sadness and feeling lost, Apple was doing her best to be there for the kids. Asher was in AP English and asked his mom for help. She was trying to explain the topic to him, but he shrugged her off when he was reading a few more lines. Apple nearly flipped. She felt bad as soon as the “what the f***” flew out of her mouth. She was going to have to do something and soon.

Kehlani and Wes’ House

Kehlani got a phone call from her Dad about her grandparents.

“They may not be my biological grandparents, but they always treated me like I was their own. Weekends with Agnes and Earl were the best. She would make brownies when she knew I was coming over. I know I have to go see my mama. We were just at their house the other day. I thought they were okay.”

Wesley listened to Kehlani work through her thoughts. He knew he could be strong for her, as long as she let him. Sometimes Kehlani acts like nothing bothers her. “I know. Whatever you want to do, you know I have your back. I just hope everyone is okay. It has to be hard on them, especially since it’s so close to the holidays.”

“You know… I didn’t even think about that part.” Kehlani was frustrated and sad all at the same time. It’s so much to process.

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