Special Invitation

Wesley had some exciting news for Kehlani. He wanted to surprise her, but something this big she would want to plan.

Wes: Babe, I forgot to tell you. Remember that all white dinner you saw about in the paper?

Kehlani: The diner en blanc? Yessss.

Wes: You know it is very hard to get tickets. I tried. I called everywhere during my lunch break.

Kehlani’s face started to fall. She thought he was going to say something else.

Wes: I was talking about it around my co-workers and my manager says he knows the host of the dinner here. He said he’d spot me some tickets if I wanted them.

Her smile was back.

Kehlani: Wesley!! Oohhh I need to start planning our outfits and table decor right now! Oh my goodness…let me call Apple.

He laughed. It was cute seeing her so excited. The event was weeks away, but knowing Kehlani and her mom, they would have everything planned well before time.

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