Wedding Night

That night after the wedding, Kehlani went to stay with her grandparents for the next few days.

Apple was about to get into bed and remembered something she had to do. Enele came out of the bathroom and caught her reading some type of book of rituals and had a candle lit.

Enele: What’s going on, babe?

Apple: Oh..nothing. Just spreading some good vibes over our union.

Enele: I have never seen this before. Where did it come from?

Apple: It was passed down by the women in my family. As we each get married, we give it to the next bride on her wedding day. Come here [motioning towards the bedroom window] … do you see how the moon is aligning tonight?

He was looking but not out of the window. Something else had caught his attention.

Enele: Hmm..yea… let me see it a little better.

Apple, realizing that she was being maneuvered by his hands so firmly, yet gentle, went with the flow and let him have control of the moment.

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