Introvert. Gamer. Mama. Wife. Sister.
Hazel here! My sims addiction started back when I was in high school, about 20 years ago.

My sims gameplay mostly centers around two of my long-lived families, my sim-self, and a few scenarios. I have a lot of custom content and mods and couldn't play without them.

Current Gameplay

Quiet Lunch with Friends

Hazel invited her girls over for lunch and she really needed someone to talk to. Each pregnancy brought on a lot of emotions for her. She already worried abotu everything and today was one of the worst.

Hazel and Joshua decided they would not find out the baby’s gender until the birth. When they had their last ultrasound, they actually found out it was twins, so that sent her for a loop.

Two babies to barely prepare for?

How would I be able to handle 2 crying babies at once?

Josh works from home, but he’s out on the farm taking care of the animals and crops most of the day when he’s not doing his actual job.

Worry after worry…but her friends were able to talk her out of the self-doubt. They all reminded her that “as moms, we learn what we know as we grow, day by day. There’s no perfect way. Love on your babies, keep them safe as you can, and focus on the happy.”

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