Introvert. Gamer. Mama. Wife. Sister.
Hazel here! My sims addiction started back when I was in high school, about 20 years ago.

My sims gameplay mostly centers around two of my long-lived families, my sim-self, and a few scenarios. I have a lot of custom content and mods and couldn't play without them.

Current Gameplay

Introduction: Bob and Kym

Meet our unhappy couple, Bob and Kymberli.

⋮⋮ ‖  How’d we get here?  ‖ ⋮⋮

Eliza and Bob were having marital troubles and decided to take a vacation to rekindle their love. Eliza got wrapped up in the locals and Bob was left on his own most of the trip. He met and fell for Kymberli. He thought she was too young, but he found out they are very close in age. They spent countless nights talking on the beach and through text. Bob knew he wanted to marry her. She was his out from Eliza. A happier life was in view.

Divorce final, and he jetted away to ask Kymberli for her hand in marriage.

All was going well, looking like a fairytale come true, until Kym found some texts between Eliza and Bob on his phone. Could she trust him? Will they actually make it to the alter?

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