Enele asked Kehlani if she would be up for some bowling with the little ones this Sunday.

Kehlani: Is there food involved?

Enele: Of course! I know you have to eat. I do have one more thing to add about the day out.

Kehlani: What is it now, Dad?

Enele: My co-worker’s kid will be tagging along with us. Same age as you. Just wondering if you’d keep them company while their dad is finishing up some work for a client.

Kehlani: Hmm…this sounds like a set up. Them? What is their name?

Enele: Huh? Oh it’s Kelli.

Kehlani: Well, of course they have a name that could go either way. I will go. But Dad… please don’t be trying to set me up on some date again. We are not doing arranged marriages in this family.

Enele laughed at his daughter and how quick she caught on to his antics.

Enele:  Of course, we do not. Plus, I have to background check everyone trying to get to know my baby girl. I am still not sure that last fellow is making the cut. What was his name? Wallace? Walter?

Kehlani: Dad!! It’s Wesley. He and I have already been going out. You’re late.

He was not as late as she thought. He saw the photos on her Simstagram. Enele even set up a little meet up for him, the boy, and Enele’s dad to have a talk one day soon.

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