Grace knew what a great chef Apple was and asked if she would make their lunch today. Of course, she couldn’t resist. Apple loves to cook. By the time they sat down to chat and wait for the food to be done, Truth came downstairs whining that Maple was playing with her toys.

Of course, the ladies knew it was close to nap time and these two would be cranky soon enough.

“Before I have to go, honey, let me tell you about you bestie Don.”

Grace was intrigued from the moment Don Lothario was mentioned. “What he and that woman do now? Have Dina and Nina set a fire to their house mad cause he not with them anymore?”

“Not at all. He brought his wife’s cat to the clinic for a well-check… with a different woman hanging on to him. I could not do a thing but laugh. He was so nervous. I guess he was scared I would tell her, but I don’t get in other people’s business.”

Grace shook her head. “That man a damn fool. Didn’t they just have a baby? Hell, I think I was the OB on call that night.”

“Well, his wife hangs with some friends of mine and she worships him. It’s a shame he is still a creep.”

Honor walked into the kitchen. Wide awake and ready to go in for a set at the comedy club. “What you hens talking about?”

“Nothing babe. Apple made you a Michelin-star worthy lunch.” Grace said so proudly with a smile and a chuckle.

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