“Lucca, you’re my friend. I love you. But this drama and following this woman into public spaces to tell her what you think of her and her relationship is too much. That’s not how I get down. I don’t know if something has changed for you at work or home, but we can’t do this. We are professional women. We are proud, loving, and intelligent.”

Apple does her best to calm her friend.

“A, you right. I am stressed at work and I heard some things they were saying about me. I just didn’t like it. It realllyy rubbed me the wrong way. I usually don’t like confrontation but I saw her before you mentioned the book club meeting. She gave me some real stank face when I passed by her and Don at the mall the other day.”

Apple had heard the rumors. She knew it could get to Lucca and tried her best to stop it before it got out of hand. Maybe next time she’ll let her know so she can process it before she decides how to react to it.

“I know it will be hard. Can you try for me? This time, babe?”

Lucca gave a look like Apple was convincing. “I guess. This time. Next time she give me that face, I will pop her right in the forehead.”

Apple laughed. It’s a start at least.

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