My favorite sim ladies and matriarchs.

Top: Grace – January 2017

Bottom: Apple – June 2018


  1. Post two photos. One earlier gameplay photo (at the very latest would three months ago but preferably go even way back), and one of your most recent ones (within the past month).
  2. The only restriction is they must be from the same game (so two TS2 photos, two TS3 photos, or two TS4 photos).
  3. State when the photos were taken, and include a link to the post itself if it’s still around.
  4. Tag 5-10 people once you’re done.

I was tagged by @onyxplays and @cyberqueen-13

order to find people to tag, I went down my list of recent likes. If
you’ve already done this tag or don’t want to participate, just ignore
me 🙂

@lycsims, @simtric, @tigerellasims, @plumbobus, @thevoodoosim

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