A highlight video in which 12 people die in comp.



For anyone as confused as I am…

Friendly: D.Va, Reaper, Genji, Brigitte, Mercy, Orisa
Enemy: D.Va, Lucio, Ana, Doomfist, Zarya, Widowmaker

Ana boosts Doomfist. Zarya uses Graviton Surge.
Reaper uses Death Blossom, killing Lucio and D.Va.
Both D.Vas begin Delf-Destructing.
Doomfist uses Meteor Strike, killing Brigitte, Reaper, D.Va, and Genji.
D.Va’s Self-Destruct kills Mercy and Orisa.
D.Va’s Self-Destruct kills Widowmaker, Ana, Zarya, and Doomfist.
Both teams are eliminated at the same time.

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