That Next Week.

Ximena decided to start going to the gym together. She needed a
reason to be more committed and Kelli might be just the solution. After
their workout, they sat down to talk about their future a bit and Ximena
looked up to see Kehlani headed her way. Kelli, of course, excused
himself right away from the girl talk.

Ximena wanted to run an idea by her friend.

“What do you think of me asking Kelli to move in? Honest opinion.”

“Girl, you trippin’. You two haven’t been together that long. Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

Ximena thought about it. “Hmm… yes and no. He has respected
all of the things I have wanted to wait for so far and I would hate to
mess that up. At the same time though, he has spent the night, we cook,
and all that good stuff.”

Giving her friend a serious glare, Kehlani told Ximena, “It’s
your life and you have to live it the way that makes you happy. I may
not agree, but I am also not in your relationship. Just make sure you
all are straight on what you want out of this.”

“Oh girl, definitely that! I think he knows I play no games when it comes to this. ”

Kehlani laughed at her friend. “You may look sweet, but I know the real you. You must really like dude if you haven’t left him yet.”

“I do, Keh. I really do.”

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