The girls found a table and Kehlani told them everything about Wesley and Ryan. She knew Ximena was going to be hard on her, but Taryn going in on her was unexpected. Ximena warned her that she would be honest no matter what.

Taryn: I know I usually am the calm one, but Lani this is plain dumb. Not calling you dumb, but your choices lately are questionable. You find out these two are brothers at their house and now you have slept with the both of them.

Ximena: Girl, that’s foul on their part and yours. Ryan had to have mentioned you to Wes. He was always with you. A guy that caught up would have told someone, especially his brother.

Taryn: They might have planned this shit out for all you know.

Kehlani: I don’t know about all that. I do know I have been feeling uneasy since that day and that’s almost a week ago now. I am avoiding Wes as much as possible. I told Ryan to forget my number and that I exist and he still calling me.

Ximena: You must have got him hooked on that..hmph! I always knew you weren’t so much of Miss Goody Two Shoes as people thought.

Kehlani, looking and sounding so innocent: I have no idea what you mean.

Taryn: I think you do. You’re going to have to be careful and talk to Wes. Let him know you are not up for any games. If he avoids the conversation, let his ass go.

Ximena: I’m with that! Hey, you can invite him to my apartment and hash it all out. As long as there is no fighting or arguing or clothes falling off, I’ll be there for support.

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