The next day Ryan came back to see Kehlani. This time he thought it would be a good idea to do a good deed by shoveling the snow. When she saw him, she got this weird, creepy feeling. Why is he at my house? Ugh. I need to tell him this is over. We can be friends, but that’s it.

Ryan: Lani, you didn’t have to come out here and start up a fire. I just came by to ask you when’s a good time to hang out.

Kehlani: No time soon is a good time. Look, I don’t know why you showed up here or didn’t get it yesterday.  This girlfriend/boyfriend thing is over. We tried. Let’s just be friends again. We will both be going to college soon and ready to experience this next phase of life.

Ryan was puzzled. He didn’t remember them breaking up.

Ryan: Is all of this because I forgot your birthday? I told you that wasn’t my fault.

Kehlani: Just like the girl you were hugged up with on your Simstagram?

Oh sh–!  He had no idea that got posted. He rarely goes on social media.

Ryan: Lani! You know I don’t get into social media like that. That dumb girl must have posted it when I left my phone laying around.

Kehlani: Um hmm! Laying around and it was unlocked with no passcode? Your story is getting better and better. Look I’m not bad. It’s high school. We are not married and this was never a forever kind of thing. I didn’t even want a boyfriend. I said yes so you would stop asking.

Pretty sure Ryan knew then that this was over. No need in trying.

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