We all have to grow up at some point and it was Kehlani’s day. This was definitely a special moment to Apple.

Apple: Lani, I still remember the first time your father introduced us. I remember looking at your bright eyes and sweet smile thinking, “This could be my first chance at being a mother to someone, besides my dogs. Am I good enough for her?” I was so nervous to meet you. Your dad had told me all about you, your mother and your time with her before she moved on. I knew I could never be mama to you, but somehow…at some point… I think we both felt it…and…

Kehlani: Mamaaa…. You have always been mama to me since we met, even when I wasn’t sure what to call you. or how to feel or how to deal with the anger that I couldn’t be with my real mama, my birth mama. You are just as real as she was and mean so much to me.

Apple: Thank you for giving me a place in your heart. I will always feel like you are my own just as much as you are your father’s and your mother’s. I love you and I will be honest. I am not ready for you to grow up and go to college and be all grown up and stuff. I don’t want it.

Kehlani: I haven’t even left the house yet. I don’t plan on leaving….yet. And when I do, I will always come back.

Apple tried to dry her tears. The little girl she remembered had grown up so beautifully.

Apple: All right… all right… let’s get to these presents and cake, girl. Give me some love and hugs!

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